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Back up your entire Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 data. For peace of mind, disaster recovery, compliance, and security. With Afi's radically simple cloud backup.

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Your Cloud Service Provider recommends third-party backup

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“You have limited time from when the data was permanently deleted to restore files and messages. After that, the data is gone forever.”


"We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services."

Why you should backup your cloud data


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Global data protection laws like GDPR mandate data encryption, shared responsibility, and demonstrable recovery. Afi Backup is not just compliant with GDPR; it helps your business to be GDPR compliant as well.

Organizations should “have the ability to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident”
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Top IT analysts strongly advise SaaS backup


“Organizations that assume SaaS applications don’t require backup, or that the SaaS vendor’s data protection is good enough, may place critical data at risk”.


“While almost all SaaS vendors explicitly state that protecting data is the customer’s responsibility, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders usually send critical data to those providers without any plan for ensuring data resiliency”

About Afi Backup

Google Workspace Backup

Backup of all your Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, users, and more.

Microsoft M365 / O365 Backup

Backup all of your M365 data, including Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, users and more.

Kubernetes Backup

Native backup for all your K8s clusters, application elements and metadata.

Key Features of Afi Backup

Quick Overview Videos

Watch quick overview videos on how Afi works and see how easy and simple it is to fully automate your backups


Cyrrus Cloud is your Afi Partner

Start backing up your data with Cyrrus Cloud and Afi. The solution is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses and easy to implement. As an Afi reseller, we provide full end-to-end service from license procurement to installation and ongoing support. Contact us today.