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Digital transformation is imperative, even for small businesses. And, you know you have to tackle it but can't see the forest for the trees? We shed a bright light on it for you and guide you on your journey to a secure and efficient digital workplace. 


Benefits of a Digital Workplace

“Digital Transformation is about more than just implementing new tools”

It's our mission to guide customers on their journey to achieving a digital and agile business environment. Future challenges don't have to be tackled by single team members or management. Agile businesses with streamlined and digital workplaces will adapt to challenging market conditions more quickly and, as a result, will be able to gain an advantage over competitors.

You can't achieve digital transformation by treating it as just another task. The requirement to include executive management with all hands on deck can turn this process into a gigantic undertaking. Cyrrus Cloud is here to help you along the way and make the entire operation less of a challenge.

Increase Productivity with Google Workspace

Office in the Cloud - Real-time Collaboration

Work on documents, sheets, and presentations, from anywhere, in tandem with your team, online or offline, on any device. 

See changes in real-time, communicate with colleagues through integrated chat, and ask questions through inline comments. 

Google Workspace - Office in the Cloud

Apps for efficient teamwork

Schedule meetings with colleagues and get a quick overview with shared calendars. Start a video call with just one click and invite the whole team to join. From a conference room, your smartphone, or your computer. Share your screen to discuss ongoing projects and make decisions together.

Chat with others in 1:1 or group chats, invite external partners to your chat room and communicate like a pro — fast and secure — no matter where you are.

Google Workspace Collaboration

Secure Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Store all your content in Google Drive and make it available anywhere, on any device. Share files and folders with teams, customers, or partners. Strictly control who gets access and what they are allowed to do. Forget multiple file versions scattered across numerous locations. Everyone always sees the latest version. Say goodbye to email attachments. Never deal with filled-up hard drives again. Google Drive gives you plenty of storage and is easily expandable. 

Google Drive - Cloud Storage and File Sharing

Secure and modern Email

With Gmail, you get one of the safest email solutions out there. Google protects you and your data from the ever-increasing amount of email-borne attacks. Google's vast security intelligence, paired with machine learning, catches over 99.9% of all spam emails, phishing attacks, and malware attachments before they ever reach your inbox

Access your Email from anywhere and from any device. From a browser on your desktop or the Gmail app on your smartphone, from your home, the beach bar, or the company office. All while relying on 99.9% uptime that Google guarantees.


Cyrrus Cloud is your Google Cloud Partner

Adopting a digital workplace is a challenging task that affects your entire business. Cyrrus Cloud has ample experience from countless projects and can guide you through your digital transformation project. From planning and strategy, implementation and rollout, to licensing and data migration. We got you covered.

We will ensure that your transition to the cloud will be a success.

The future of work is here, and it is hybrid

With our assistance, you can implement remote work and hybrid work setups securely and safely. Distributed and virtual teams will become a reality. It makes no difference anymore where everyone is located. With Google Workspace, collaboration works across locations and boundaries. Whether colleagues work from home, travel, or sit in the office, Google Workspace enables frictionless teamwork. 



Remote work has been an overwhelming success

83% of employers now say the shift to remote work has been successful for their company.

PwC US Remote Work Survey 2021


Employees want hybrid work

Out of 300.000 surveyed employees worldwide, 56% stated they want options to work from home and from the office at once. 

LinkedIn Workforce Insights


Average savings per remote employee

A recent Forbes article, "In Defense of Remote Work", found that employers save an average of 22.000 US$ per remote employee.

Forbes: In Defense of Remote Work

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