Asana - Reduce work about work

The way we work isn't working. Getting work done at work is hard. You can probably feel it in your own team. With so many tools and constant connection, the workforce is exhausted, burnt out, and spending their time on activities that don’t add value. Every day is filled to the brim yet, at the end, too often it feels like you and your team didn’t accomplish enough.

Asana changes all that by helping you to reduce work about work.

The Why and the How

How Asana helps you and your team

Asana is a platform designed to reduce the amount of work about work - the work that gets in the way of doing real work.

Cyrrus Cloud is your Asana Solutions Partner

We provide everything you need to get started with Asana. From initial onboarding to support with workflow design and employee training. Cyrrus Cloud is also an Asana reseller, so you can source your licenses directly from us, with EU VAT invoicing and flexible payment options.

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Project Management with Asana

You don't have to shuffle between emails, spreadsheets, and other tools to stay on top of your projects. Asana gives you everything you need to manage your work in one place; across teams and your entire organization. Track everything from start to finish, without ever touching another app.

Project Overview
Get a bird's eye view over your projects with the latest updates, project outline, team members, and other critical data.

Project Timeline
Use Timeline to create project plans that help you stay on schedule - so you hit your deadlines.

Project Task List
Use a to-do list to capture every step of project work or processes in one place, and manage each step from start to finish.

Project Board View
Organize work like sticky notes and track tasks through every stage. Boards help make your work processes more transparent.

Manage Project Portfolios
Zoom out, create and manage entire project portfolios to stay on top of everything happening across teams or the whole organization.

Personal Inbox
Get automatic updates about the projects, conversations, and tasks that matter to you.

Personal Task List
Your space to organize and proritize your daily tasks and project work.

Business processes done right

Use forms to request work, create rules to automate routine tasks, and get approvals from the right people when required. Asana ensures that everyone follows the right steps and processes run as you designed them.

Build automated workflows

Create efficient workflows by using a visual builder to connect teams, automate processes and organize work. Systemize work intake with interactive forms, automate workflows with rules and triggers, and integrate tools to sync data with your most used apps like Slack and Google Drive.

Goals and OKR

Set and achieve strategic goals

Connect your company goals and the work to support them in one place. You can see progress to keep teams on track. And teams can work wisely to get the right things done.

See and track work from every angle with universal reporting in Asana

Zoom out and get a top-down view with built-in and customizable reports and analytics. Get real-time insights into the state of your team's work and analyze everything you need to take action - all without ever leaving Asana.

Charts & Graphs

Built to connect

Asana provides over 200 integrations with other tools and platforms. Bring all your data and tools together in one place, synchronize and take action. Can't find what you need? Use Asana's full-fledged API to build your own apps.

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Eliminate work about work