Perimeter 81 - Your Firewall in the Cloud

Perimeter 81 is a full stack of security systems that runs in the cloud and provides you with everything from malware prevention and protection from malicious websites to phishing defense and next-generation VPN.

Give your employees secure access to internal resources and the internet, no matter where they are located - all without a single piece of hardware to install and maintain.

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Security for SMBs

Perimeter 81 is perfect for small and midsized businesses because it runs in the cloud. Forget expensive hardware appliances like firewalls that you need to replace every couple of years, which are complicated to set up, configure and maintain.

No Hardware

Protected Anywhere

Since Perimeter 81 runs in the cloud, it works everywhere your users are. So whether you are in the home office, at a customer site, in the company building, or traveling: You are always protected - no matter what.

Home Office
Company HQ

Threat Protection

Perimeter 81 has a whole suite of features designed to protect your organization and employees from common Internet threats. Filter out Phishing links, block access to malware downloads, and control which websites your users can visit. 


Zero Trust Network Access

Perimeter 81 is your next-generation VPN that allows your team to securely access internal servers and applications, no matter where they are. You can even control access to cloud-hosted applications. 

Remote Access

Cyrrus Cloud is your Perimeter 81 Partner and Reseller in Europe

As a Perimeter 81 partner, we enable your business to protect itself from cyber threats. Our partnership with Perimeter 81 means receiving the best service, support, and pricing. We help with the entire lifecycle, from purchasing to roll-out and deployment to support and consultations. Contact us today for a free assessment call. 

Security as a Service

Perimeter 81 is a cloud-based security as a service offering that can be consumed as easily as Dropbox or Splunk. No need to set up and maintain expensive and complicated hardware. And the best part? It works from anywhere and on any device - not just from your office building. 

Feature Highlight

Web Filtering

With web filtering, you can block access to dangerous destinations such as malware, phishing sites, or illegal content. You can also control who gets access to what - based on categories such as social media, video streaming, gambling, and many more. To sweeten things up, you get complete visibility into all your internet traffic.

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Creating Web Filters is simple

Easily create web filtering rules to define which website categories you want to allow, block or warn your users about when they access the Internet.

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Web Filtering is granular

Web filtering rules can be very granular, so you can precisely control who gets access and how.

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Web Filtering can block or coach your users

In both cases, users get actionable notifications.

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Secure your business

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Firewall as a Service

With Perimeter 81, you get a full-fledged firewall to control and protect all your network traffic. Create rules to allow or block traffic based on source (who), destination (where), service, and port (what). All through an easy-to-understand user interface that doesn't require expert knowledge.

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Zero Trust Network Access

Next-Generation VPN

Zero Trust Network Access takes tradional VPN connectivity to the next level. You no longer need VPN hardware or expensive routers and complicated VPN software. Instead, your internal resources are published in the cloud and accessed securely through Perimeter 81 - by only those who should have access. With the same mechanism, you can control access to cloud-hosted applications.

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Deep Visibility and Reporting

Get an in-depth look into the state of your network, internet traffic, and security incidents. Understand how your team uses the internet, pinpoint events, and detect issues before they become a problem. Comprehensive logging and monitoring for your entire network, easy to digest and with actionable insight. 

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Make the Internet your Network

Connect all your branch offices, HQ, home offices, and retail locations to Perimeter 81 and instantly create a private network. No more expensive leased lines, complicated MPLS, or SD-WAN setups - use the Internet and put your own fully encrypted and secure network on top. Deployed in minutes, not months. You can even connect your public cloud infrastructure and make it part of your network.

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There is more...

What else Perimeter 81 has to offer

Perimeter 81 has many features that complete the package and help you secure your business. To name but a few, see below.

2-Factor Authentication

Enforce 2FA when users connect for an extra layer of security

Device Posture Check

Make sure your users meet certain requirements before they are allowed to connect, like device location, device type, installed software and much more

Works on Mobile

Works on your mobile devices. Both iOS and Android are supported

Multi-OS Support

Works on Windows, macOS and Linux

Automatic Wifi-Security

Automatically connects your users to your secure VPN when they connect to a public Wifi hotspot.


Cyrrus Cloud is a certified Perimeter 81 Partner - Get started with us

Cyrrus Cloud is an accredited Perimeter 81 Secure Access Expert. We serve customers across Europe to help them increase their security posture and onboard them to a modern Security Service Edge solution. Contact us today to get started with a free trial and consultation.