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Make us part of your team. Whether you need support with one of our products, consulting for your project, or help with engineering complex IT solutions, we are all hands on deck.


The customer journey doesn't end with buying licenses from us. And, it shouldn't begin there, either. We are experts on the products we sell and offer a variety of pre-sales and post-sales professional services. From getting to know a product to see whether it's a good fit, to strategizing on the implementation, to hands-on during and after the rollout.

Along with that as well, we master the integration of different apps and tools to make the combination work best in your particular situation. So, for example, if you need to ensure that Google Workspace and Asana work hand in hand, we can show you how it works and help you set it all up. Or, use your Google Workspace as an identity source to provision users in another service, such as Perimeter 81; we can also help with that. That's the beauty of SaaS. The possibilities are endless, and we have the skills to see it through for you.

If you have existing IT infrastructure that you need to integrate with our products, we can help engineer solutions to make it all work.

Additionally, we offer numerous workshops, training, and online courses, tailored to your specific use case and requirements.

Vendor support is often slow, and if you have complicated issues, you need to fight through the checklists of first-level support staff until you finally get to talk to someone helpful.If the problem you face can't be isolated and potentially involves additional products, getting different vendors to work together is next to impossible. They often take the easy way out by pointing fingers at the other vendor.Cyrrus Cloud supports all the products we sell, and we see the bigger picture. We know our customers, their setups, and their unique situations and can offer holistic, tailored support.

Particularly smaller and medium-sized businesses often don't have dedicated IT staff. Lack of expert knowledge and resources is a real challenge when managing your tech stack.Cyrrus Cloud offers full managed service for most of the products we sell. So focus on your business, and let us handle the rest. From adding new users in Google Workspace, creating new firewall rules in Perimeter 81, or dealing with malware infections in SentinelOne, we have your back.

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